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Explore Asia's Technology Frontier

The organization has invited more than 300 venture capitalists and 100 CEO winners to participate in the seminar and other related meetings. The theme is “Explore Asia’s Technology Frontier”. Given the oriental concepts of the clients, we' offered a one-stop service from project planning, layout designs, sample and model productions, to venue decorations, audio-visual arrangements and lighting effects.

Notions: The notion of integration towards Mother Nature is paramount in the Orient. It is regarded as natural for the heaven and the human to be united as one. Given numerous significant inventions in the past, the Oriental people are not alien to science and technology. For instance, the notion of duality in Yi Jing (literally means The Book of Changes) is associated with binary system in computer science. The compass vehicle used in the battlefields vastly influenced the navigation system in the 15th century. Giant wooden vessels and metallurgy are other examples. These notions have inspired our creations and designs. We used the stature on a compass vehicle, with the sun representing the Orient, as a sign to lead the guests to the venue. It also implies the direction for developing science and technology in Asia.

The Stage: The concept of the five elements (of metal, wood, water, fire, and earth) used in ancient Chinese cosmology lays emphasis on the relationship between human life and Mother Nature. We applied the five elements to the stage decorations. The pillars were made of metal with Chinese calligraphy and the bases made of wood with Chinese painting. Lighting effects generated shadows of water and fire. Moreover, the stage combined the concepts of the five elements and of the circular heaven. The entire venue was decorated with bamboos and other materials to form a series of canopy, turning it into “a forest of eastern science and technology”.

The Venue: A series of canopy with metallic and wooden structures created numerous tiny personal spaces where guests could rest on circular seats made with elastic fabric. The entire setting is covered with special lighting effects projecting the themes, shadow of water and fire. The arrangement helped create a more spacious environment.


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